Jazz Super Card

Jazz Super Card

With jazz being the largest network of Pakistan comes with some awesome offers.
Jazz brings you its best jazz super card offer.
Jazz also call it “Monthly Super Duper”. The biggest advantage of this card is that customer get On-Net Off-Net Minutes, SMS and mobile internet.

Jazz Super Card:

What customer get with this offer?

Customer get 1500 Jazz + Warid Minutes, 100 other local network minutes, 1500 SMS, 2000 MBs mobile internet.

Below are below details of this offer:

Jazz Monthly Super Duper


Rs. 499


On-Net minutes

1500 Jazz + Warid Mins

Off-Net minutes

100 Mins



2000 MBs

Status Code


30 Days


Terms and Conditions:

  • Customer will be subscribed to Monthly Super Duper offer for exact 30 days.
  • Monthly Super Duper offer will expire on 30th calendar day including the subscription day.
  • Customer have to subscribe again once expire because it’s a non-recursive offer. To avail offer again dial *706#.
  • At the time of subscription customer will be notified of how many free minutes are available for next 30 days and it will expire at 23:59 hrs of 30th calendar day.
  • Customer can use free minutes, sms and mobile internet for 24 hours a day. No restrictions on time limit.
  • Customer can use Mobile internet on both 3G & 4G.
  • Not Call Setup Charges are applicable.
  • 0.15 should be maintained in your sim balance otherwise customer will not be able to use Super Duper Offer incentives.
  • Overage of Rs. 1/MB applies for all mobile internet bundles.
  • Internet speed can fluctuate according to the location of your device from a 2G/3G/4G site.
  • Rs 3.6/MB will be charged if customer is not subscribed to any bundle.


In case you didn’t understand the terms on net, off net, activation, status code, info string below are complete details.

What are On-net Minutes?

Minutes that you can use on the same network are called on-net minutes e.g. If you call on a jazz number from your jazz number this will be a on-net call. In jazz situation both Jazz + Warid numbers can enjoy on-net minutes.

What are Off-net minutes?

Minutes that you use on two different networks are called off-net minutes e.g. If you call from your jazz number to some other network number this will be a off-net call.

What is Activation Code?

The string you dial to activate a specific bundle is called activation code.

What is De-Activation?

The string you dial to deactivate a specific bundle is called de-activation code.

What is Status Code?

The string you dial to check the remaining Minutes, Sms and Internet for a specific bundle is called status code.

What is Info String?

The string you dial to check the information regarding a specific bundle is called info string. Information can be regarding Internet, Sms, Minutes etc.



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