Jazz Balance Share

Jazz Balance Share

Jazz is the largest network of Pakistan and is most trusted by its users all over Pakistan. Now you can also share your balance with jazz balance share in a very easy way.
Don’t get confused and share your jazz balance instantly with your friends and family members. Here is complete detail of how you can jazz share.

Jazz Balance Share:

Amount Range:

Only Rs. 15 to Rs. 500 can be shared in one transaction.

First Step:

Dial *100* recipient number * Amount #.

For Example:

Recipient Number = 03001234567

Amount = 30

Now you can dial *100*03001234567*30#.

Second Step:

You will be prompted with a message to confirm your transaction. Now you can Press 1 to confirm your transaction. After this step is completed recipient will get the transacted amount.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Rs 4.76 will be charged for every transaction
  • If you misuse this service, jazz will not be responsible
  • Customer must confirm with 1 in order to share balance with others otherwise balance will not be transacted.




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